cuniform was founded under the premise that personal styling services should be inclusive and the ideology that conscious consumption doesn't need to be separate from luxurious, quality products. aka- you can still look good AND be considerate of the planet.  


Launched in early 2016, cuniform set out to build ethical and sustainable wardrobes with an emphasis on longevity.  


What does that mean exactly?


Everything we put into place is considered through a sustainable lense- whether it's our products, the retailers we partner with or the services we offer. We constantly consider the environmental implications it has. 


The best part? 


cuniform educates clients along the way. Our motive is to provide clients with the resources and tools they need to be conscious consumers and be self sustainable in the long term. Our team has spent decades working with clients through major retailers such as Totokaelo and Nordstrom, building relationships and wardrobes that last. Our clients are our family.




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