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"I signed up for an audit, seeing as my closet had become a bit of a hoarder’s paradise of past-season trends and pieces I’ve been unable to let go of since college. I remember reading somewhere once that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have never gotten rid of anything they own and instead have warehouses of clothing somewhere outside of Los Angeles. I think it was time for me to admit I wasn’t exactly an Olsen twin."


                                      - Amanda Zurita 

Christine Chaney, DESIGNER, MAKER, OWNER | christineCHANEYcreative

"Clothing (whether consciously or unconsciously worn) is an expression of how we see ourselves or at least how we wish to be seen by others. It defines our persona. And although I have loved clothes and fashion all my life, before I knew Christine, I thought certain brands and designers were “out of my league”.


Christine helped me define my own personal “style” beyond trends and fashion. She helped me to see the pleasure and actual profound frugality of purchasing pieces that can be worn forever. Once you have this personal style base you can afford to invest more in your wardrobe as new pieces reflect your own style and therefore never “go out of style”.  


One of my first purchases with Christine was a pair of Silent wool trousers and Clergerie loafers. That was over a decade ago and they are still two defining pieces in my ever more precisely curated wardrobe. Christine truly helped me to understand myself better through the language of clothing."


"I've had the pleasure of working with Christine and Colton, both professionally and personally. On both accounts- whether it be collaborating creatively on a project, or personally choosing garments for myself- their focus is always clearly about expressing oneself and cultivating an individual identity. Working for a brand that places a high value on self expression, this is important to me, and I cannot recommend the two of them highly enough."


"I had the pleasure of working with Colton for two+ years while he was working in San Francisco. I was consistently inspired and impressed by his ability to transform even the most simple pieces into the most interesting pieces. He has an impeccable eye and an aesthetic I trust and more importantly get excited about. He is genuine and his feedback is honest, which I value tremendously." 

"Christine has been styling me for several years. She’s always pushing me to be more creative and bold in my style choices.  Some of the pieces I’ve been most unsure of are now my favorites, and that’s created a very trusting relationship.  She’s who I turn to for all of my fashion guidance whether it’s choosing what to wear for a big event or editing down my closet."

Renee Stocks, BUSY MOTHER OF 5

"I have had the good fortune to know Christine for the past 5+ years both personally and professionally. She has the most thoughtful and passionate approach to not only the way she views the world around her, but also in the way she interacts with people. She listens to her clients wants and needs with a strong yet sincere intuition, resulting in a long list of dedicated individuals who value her honest opinions. Selecting a new piece for one's wardrobe should reflect who we are as an individual, an experience that leaves us feeling good about ourselves while also knowing the money has been well spent. 

Camille Clogston, SALES DIRECTOR | Regent Power, LLC

"Christine and Colton are incredible talents who posses a swift knack for distilling one's wardrobe into the essentials.  They have an eye for quality and longevity, which gives them the unique ability to distill your closet down to the most key, versatile pieces.  


From there they create a catalogue of looks to suit your everyday needs. 

My work requires a pretty broad spectrum of apparel, from the super casual to the traditional corporate, and they were able to formulate looks that were transitional enough to suit all aspects of my lifestyle.  They immediately put me at ease from the beginning of the initial appointment and exceeded my expectations throughout the entire experience!"

Deb Rowley, FORMER VP OPERATIONS | Cinnabon

"WOW is all I can say!  Christine and Colton are about as good as it gets.  I am a 64 year old recently retired professional women.  After 30 years in the corporate world and a confirmed shopaholic (shopping was my stress relief) Christine and Colton were able to help me see my way through all the "clutter".  After 5 hours in my closet they not only eliminated all the junk, then helped me decide how to wear the cloths I have.

I highly recommend cuniform--if you are still working and just need someone to help "refresh" your look--or like me you are ready for the next chapter of your life--you will be in good hands with Christine and Colton.  They clearly have helped me on the next chapter of my life!    Your only regret will be not hiring them earlier in your career.  So very talented!"

Wendy Saffel, MARKETING MANAGER | Seattle Art Museum

"My goal in working with Christine and Colton was to have them help me find new ways of wearing what I already have. I regularly clear out unused items so I don’t have much excess in my wardrobe, but I tend to wear things in the same way over and over. 

At a work event, I wore one of the outfits that Christine and Colton styled and got rave reviews from a colleague. I told her about having worked with team cuniform and she said, “Wendy, you look great. And you look like YOU.” That’s the ultimate goal of personal styling, and a testimony to the talent of Christine and Colton."

Ingrid Ireland,  ESTHETICIAN |

Cake Skincare

"Cuniform's wardrobe audit is an absolute must for anyone who views their personal style as an expression of their identity and gender. While most in the industry would have biased notions about clothing, the Cuniform team are able to ensure that your wardrobe is a true reflection of self, and filled with outfits you will actively wear as a regular, personal uniform. With kindness they are able to make your wardrobe physically smaller, while expanding your daily options and ways in which your clothes can interact with each other.


Their warmth immediately filled my home, and eased any clothing related anxieties I had held prior to the appointment. With the simple addition of two items, I am now quick to leave my apartment in outfits that confidently reflect the way I feel about myself. Christine and Colton manage to be the ultimate masters of their craft, while also managing to be two of the most genuine and empathetic people I have ever met. If you have ever wanted to feel more comfortable in your clothing, have a more defined personal style, or have a closet that simplifies the daily chore of dressing yourself, Cuniform needs to be part of your life!"


Jodi Morris, Owner | DFG Design Furniture Galleries 

"I've had the pleasure of working with Cuniform's Colton and Christine at an event for which they donated their time. 

I was so impressed by their approach, graciousness, and obvious skill, I went straight home and booked a closet edit for their earliest opportunity!  Colton and I spoke for a few minutes when he arrived so he could get a better idea about  my wardrobe needs.  Then he used my current wardrobe as a lens to identify my style. 


I couldn't be happier or better organized, as a result of the edit.  Colton was able to help me discern what works well and what needed to be retired from my closet - top to bottom.  He then helped to style many looks from items I had been struggling with but knew were good pieces. 


In addition, he took all the items I edited and found resale and donation options saving me a great deal of time.  I would highly recommend Cuniform if you are considering simplifying your life and upgrading your style."


Nancy Lea, Founder | NANCYLEAYOGA

"Christine Tran and Colton Winger of Cuniform offer an invaluable service that goes way beyond just cleaning out and organizing your closet. They teach you how to think differently about the clothes you purchase, impressing the importance of making sustainable choices and investing in high quality pieces that will stand the test of time. 


I spent an entire day with Christine and Colton and they are a delight to work with. At the end of the day, my closet was cleared of clothing that I never wore, never looked good on me or was simply dated and needed to go. I also had a rolodex of photos of me in full outfits put together by Christine. In addition, they provide you with a gap list of items that you are missing in your closet and would help to pull together the clothing you already own. Upon request, they will help you fill in these gaps with recycled, high quality (sometimes designer) clothing.


For the first time ever, I am able to look in my closet and see only clothes that I love and be able to effortlessly pull together a beautiful outfit. It's like a cleanse for your closet. Thank you Christine and Colton!


"There are very few stylists in the world who are as gifted as Christine and Colton that are accessible - I think this is their magic. The level of self-awareness they bring to understanding clothes as art and their power to transform is unparalleled. For me, as a fashion industry insider, I need a break from the noise about who I am supposed to be. Colton and Christine do just that.


They are a trusted confidant, a friend who sees me as I want to be seen and an inspiration when I feel paralyzed by all the trends and messages around me."


"Is it strange to say that I feel more like myself when I’m styled by Christine? Even better, I feel like the smarter, more confident and sophisticated version of me.  Talk about clothing’s ability to transform.  However, it’s not just the pieces that Christine chooses for me that are so powerful, but the way she helps me combine and assemble them to achieve a look that is as understated as it is elegant.  I ask myself this all the time, how does this woman know what’s right for me better than I do?  Time has taught me that it’s just part of Christine’s talent, she’s an artist after all, and as such has a refined aesthetic, but she also has an uncanny ability to interpret individual style, and help clients express their identity through the clothing they wear.


"Colton became my “go-to” guy and stylist after a chance meeting in San Francisco. While on business there, I forgot a blouse and needed to pick something up in a hurry. Thankfully, the concierge directed me to where Colton worked. I was impressed by Colton’s genuine love of fashion and innate sense of style.


He was never “salesy” and remembered previous purchases so he could make recommendations that built on one another. His choices soon became my absolute favorites (people would stop me and ask where I got that dress, those shoes…) and I could trust he would never sacrifice a look to make a sale." 


“I had lived over four decades without honing in on my true style. Christine (long-distance) patiently and expertly worked with me to find clothing, shoes and accessories that were truly “me.” After working with her for many years, she still amazes me with her prescience --she knows exactly what pieces I will love. She also has a flair for pulling from unexpected designers for a polished and “perfectly Pam” look.  I can honestly say that Christine is more adept at “reading my style” than any other stylist I’ve had. I could not recommend her services more emphatically!"

Rob Blair, SR DIRECTOR | GCAL Global Category Apparel Leader NIKELAB

"It's been a pleasure working directly with both Christine and Colton. Their ability to understand and connect product with the consumer is seamless, tangible and inspiring. Since my encounter with this creative duo, I've worked with no one else.”

Cordila Jochim | LEAN IN SEATTLE

"I have always been a consistent closet editor. But somehow, regardless of the frequency of my edits, I continue to have items never worn, outdated, or unflattering. Over the years I've drug girlfriends into my bedroom to give thumbs up and down. Fun, but still didn't achieve what I was going for. 


Colton and Christine came in and created a seismic shift in my closet. They went through every single article- took every piece out- inspected it, assessed it, and made a determination. I was brought in at the end to review with them and agreed with every edit. You will be hard pressed to a better quality and professional eye in a more gracious team than cuniform. They raise the bar."


"I cannot recommend a Cuniform wardrobe edit highly enough! It was such a gift to have Christine and Colton's expert fashion sense at my disposal for a few hours and I highly recommend them to anyone else wanting to refresh their look, or just feel more confident in their everyday fashion choices. 

Since I have a limited budget for clothes, I was a little concerned that I would come away feeling frustrated that I couldn't afford to update my closet according to their recommendations. That hasn't been a problem at all since they worked with a lot of pieces I already owned, and directed me to good second hand options for items on my gap list. I feel that in the long run this consultation will help me be a more economical, conscientious shopper because I now have the ability to make smarter, more streamlined purchases and to make better use of the items I already own."


Lauren Koval | Interior Designer 

"I recently had an appointment with Colton and it was one of my most favorite experiences to date. He worked his magic going though my closet, eliminating items that don’t make sense for me, reorganizing it and putting together everyday looks for me. He got me!! I was so impressed by how quickly he identified what my authentic style should look like translated through my clothes. 


I am a believer, supporter and forever fan of Cuniform! Thank you Colton and Christine for sharing your talent and for making the world (and my closet) better while doing it. Looking forward to working with you again in the future."

Lesley Taylor | REAL ESTATE​

"I was finally able to get Cuniform to come to my hometown (Austin) to edit my closet. For years I had been “collecting clothes” with no real identity or focused style —and my closet was beginning to swallow me. Convinced that I needed Christine & Colton down here to help me go through my collection, I arranged to have them travel to Texas to “save me.” I convinced four of my other girlfriends to book Cuniform while they were in Austin (something that initially made me nervous & anxious —especially since one of the friends is a stylist herself). I can’t express enough how happy and satisfied each friend was after their closet edits with Christine & Colton.


Every one of my girlfriends gave raving reviews of Cuniform’s talent and professionalism. I cannot say enough about this talented duo. If you are stuck in a fashion/clothing rut and need help identifying your personal style, you need contact Cuniform. I’m currently counting down the days until I have them back to Austin for a follow-up session."

Allison Taylor.jpg


"Colton and Christine came highly recommended by my friend circle but I was still somewhat intimidated and skeptical about their process and how it would fit me, with my budget and more-average-than-glamorous lifestyle. However, I was immediately put at ease by the team's warm, empathetic approach and deeply insightful understanding of my current life metamorphosis. Their magic created a wardrobe and outfits that I feel truly myself in, yet push my previous boundaries to create a fresh and elevated look I was craving. I couldn't recommend them more."


Erin Cordry | PRESIDENT, Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Fund

“I wish I had found Christine and Colton ten years ago! They came over and I immediately trusted them. They organized and took away probably 40% of my closet and at the same time I felt like I had so much more to wear. Their expertise and guidance is just what I needed. I was searching for clarity, honesty, and a path forward and they gave me all of it. Oh, and they are wonderful people too!  I look forward to my next appointment with great joy! “


Merryl Pohl  |  Middle School Teacher


"I have been lucky enough to work with both Colton and Christine. New to the working environment, I was immediately impressed by Christine's calm drive. She had a focus and a confidence that I hoped to emulate as I grew in my position.


If Christine was my work roll model, Colton was every inch my style icon. Each morning promised new inspiration, as Colton glided by in something perfectly restrained. Both can do so much with so little - which must be a testament to their exceptional creativity."

Lisa Yadao, STUDIO BUSINESS AFAIRS MANAGER | Square. PRODUCER/DIRECTOR |  Paper Tongue Productions

"As I approached the later half of my 30s, I made a promise to myself to get rid of what wasn't working or what didn't quite fit into my life, and make room for what did, does and could. In the past year, I made a career change, took frequent trips to Goodwill to clear my apartment of excess "stuff," and became more selective, both with things bought and time and energy spent. My closet was no exception: it was busy with too many options and seemingly no order to it. Every morning I found myself struggling with what to put on that could feel like an extension of myself -- something that would make me feel good.


For years I worked in corporate environments where I felt my personality and my sense of style slipping away. Now that I was working in a more creative environment, I knew I needed some guidance to tackle my closet and find myself again, so to speak.


That call for help is one of the best investments I've made in myself. Christine and Colton changed the way I look at clothes both in the shop and in my own closet. They've taught me how to think outside the box and work with what I've got -- how to infuse my personality back into the clothes I put on (as well as how to identify and part with clothes that simply don't work or serve no purpose). But they've also opened my eyes to the importance of being a mindful, ethical, and conscientious shopper; putting quality over quantity and being aware of the direct impact my purchases have on other people and our environment. 

For the first time I feel like I actually have a wardrobe versus just clothes in my closet. And I feel like I am me again, maybe better. Definitely better."

Rachel Marshall, OWNER | RGB

"As a busy entrepreneur, with family and friends to juggle, I don’t have time (or interest, really) for leisurely shopping.  But I love beautiful pieces and I want to look modern, effortless, polished, professional, and creative.  Insert Christine here.  


While I wasn’t seeking out a stylist when we met, we hit it off immediately, and my current wardrobe consistently reflects the ease & polish that I’d been seeking.  Not only does Christine work with my lifestyle and individual tastes in mind, she’s able to elevate said style so that I look and feel like the best version of myself."

Christine Allard, CEO/CCO | ZOOMPOP

"I look good already, but Colton makes me look better. His eye isn’t limited to particular boutiques or price points. It keeps me being me with my personal style that stays in step with the tone of my industry. His selections transition well across seasons and have ranged from formalwear and workwear, to casual favorites, avant guard head-turners, and resort picks that turn heads. So, basically, his work causes whiplash and envy."


"Working with Colton and Christine brought clarity and ease to my wardrobe.  I was amazed at how quickly Colton was able to size me up and pin down just the style I was going for but hadn't been able to achieve. I love that they are always thinking of items that I might need to elevate my wardrobe.  Getting a box in the mail with items they picked out especially for me or a text with a link to my next must have item, always makes my day and makes me feel well taken care of.  

I truly appreciate my relationship with these two wardrobe wizards not just because they are experts at what they do but because they are kind and caring people. "

Dylan Ward, DIRECTOR | Sleep Nod

"I could talk about my experience, which surpassed any reality show level makeover experience ten fold, but you really should just call them now.

Call them. 

Cuniform isn't just personal styling, it's also a course in lifestyle development, in adulting, frankly. Their approach is both responsible and refreshingly straight forward without a trace of elitism; they are truly devoted to revolutionizing their client's personal culture to save the environment, promote ethical labor practices, and create amazing daily "uniforms" for all the roles in your life. And there's no woo-woo crunchiness about it; they'll gladly deliver a succinct and powerful manifesto about the wastefulness of fast fashion, and cite substantive experience, reading and research to support it and their solutions.


Korie Faris, ESTHETICIAN |

Cake Skincare

"Somehow good style always seemed disconnected from me- like I could recognize it when I saw it, but from a distance. The difficulty was in finding how to create my very own style, one that encompassed trends and styles that I was drawn to, but felt truly like me.

Insert Colton: style extraordinaire and probably the nicest and least intimidating person you will ever meet! Colton helped me to declutter everything in my closet that did't belong, specifically a lot of those items I had gotten for free that didn't fit me all that well but that I was still trying to make work. He also helped to revive some of the things that had been lingering at the back of my closet for years and make them like new again.

By the end of our appointment, I had at least forty new outfits and plenty more ideas for others. I can't say enough good things about Christine & Colton!"


Sara Mossman | Urban Village PROGRAM DIRECTOR |

Open Path Investments 

"From the moment I first read about Cuniform’s services, I knew they were for me and couldn’t wait to book an appointment. I had high expectations, being that this was something I’d dreamed of doing for years! After two sessions with Christine and Colton, I can say they delivered everything I was looking for and more. They are masters at what they do – from communicating principles of fashion to the art of creating customized looks for clients. Beyond that, they are down-to-earth, warm and fun. I’m deeply grateful that two people with such abundant expertise have chosen to create a service so needed for people (and the planet) and are offering it in a very accessible way. The world needs this and I hope Cuniform is setting a trend for the future of fashion."


Judy Kho, Visual designer. THINKER / MAKER / HEALER.

"Working with cuniform was a beautiful daydream. They listened genuinely to my needs and concerns and got my aesthetic spot on. What followed was a 5-hour whirlwind that transformed not only my closet, but expanded my perception of what was possible with the clothes I already owned. Before I knew it I was left with a well-edited, efficiently organized and smartly arranged closet. They have the perfect blend of strategic artfulness in mapping out strong wardrobe solutions.


I appreciated the thoughtful ways they helped me to re-examine attachments with articles of clothing that just needed to disappear from my wardrobe. Post session, I have even removed some pieces I fought to keep, realizing that I would indeed never wear them when I had so many better outfit options. I entered into this thinking it was an extravagant gift to myself, but found it was actually a valuable self-investment. My time with Christine and Colton was truly impactful. They are truth-tellers through the medium of clothing."

Katie Becker, BEAUTY DIRECTOR | Coveteur 

"I called on Colton and Christine because I've worked in fashion magazines for a decade, but never as a fashion editor, which means I've always felt behind the curve with trends and a little out of place in my offices. I also hate shopping. In the day they spent with me, we did a closet edit, shopped a cuniform recycled selection they hand-picked for me, and made a huge Rolodex of outfit ideas. I loved that they immediately zero-ed in on the areas I was lacking. 

Seriously, they've thought of everything.”

"As a life long closet purger I thought I had a good handle on keeping my closet functional and fresh. Having Christine and Colton come in opened my eyes to seeing, focusing, and understanding my style from clothes I already owned, something I had never done before. The process of cleaning out my closet, styling looks and creating a gap list came with explanations of why things did and didn't work giving me confidence to continue building my style when they left.


Their focus on sustainable fashion and understanding of quality clothing is inspiring and a message all should hear.  Christine and Colton are an amazing team who handle such a personal experience without judgement and with amazing insight. I will absolutely continue to use this wonderful service. 

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