cuniform offers roundtable discussions to larger groups of individuals interested in hearing more about their mission and what sets them apart from other agencies in the industry. 


cuniform is a sliding scale personal styling agency based in Seattle that offers services to clients locally and on a national level. They focus on accessibility regardless of income, with an emphasis on teaching their clients how to buy less, buy smarter and more importantly- how to buy more responsibly. 


With services such as a wardrobe audit, they put on an informational lens and edit your current wardrobe based off a decade of experience in the industry- removing items that do not make sense for you and your lifestyle. Post wardrobe audit, the edited clothing is removed and filtered through two channels. The clothing is resold for money towards purchasing items from a personalized 'wardrobe gap list'- also provided by cuniform. Anything non re-sellable is donated to one of cuniform's non profit retailers, making this service full circle. Nothing goes untouched. 


Beyond edits, cuniform offers things like Access Passes for clients who simply want someone on hand 24/7 to bounce shopping and style questions to. Think of them as your best friends... on speed dial.. only they're seasoned veterans in the fashion industry. 


During this roundtable discussion, cuniform will share their services and how they work, along side why it's important to become a part of the slow fashion movement.

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