We're elated that someone from your circle wanted to connect you with, c u n i f o r m, a sliding scale**, personal styling agency intent on helping those who seek authentic & intelligent self-expression through clothing. 

We usually start with a WARDROBE AUDIT:

  • EDIT: Up to 5 hours of closet sorting
  • STYLE: Images of styled looks for future reference and easy dressing
  • SHOP: A personalized shopping list to fill wardrobe gaps
  • RESELL: Option to resell edited clothing for $ back to YOU

Our Honor System Sliding Scale Income Bracket Pricing Guide: 

25 - 40k          $200

41 - 60k           $300

61 - 85k          $400

85k+                $500

Additional hours = $100 per hour. 

Wardrobe Audits are pivotal in regards to understanding individual tastes, identifying gaps, and setting both short & long-term clothing, dressing, and style goals.  

To book your Wardrobe Audit, send us an email below! 

**We support community, thoughtful consumerism, & accessibility.  Proud to be partnered with local non-profits who offer donated clothing to those in need, we also offer our services on a sliding scale as this allows entry based on the resources of individual clients.  Our objective is to be available to people in their pursuit of personal style and self-expression, regardless of income.

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