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Tipping the Styling Scale: cuniform offers sliding scale personal styling with an eye towards learning more and buying less. 


In February, longtime luxury retail veterans, Christine Tran and Colton Dixon Winger, found themselves at a formal event where the generally uninspired attire obscured the diversity of those in attendance. Wishing they could use their collective styling experience to help a wider range of people express their singularity, Tran and Winger developed the idea for a sliding scale personal styling agency that would do just that.

“It came to us so organically,” Winger says. “Both of us have been providing these services through different channels for over a decade. We looked at each other and said, why not offer them all at once but in a way that makes a larger impact?"

Four months later, the pair launched cuniform, a styling agency that prides itself on helping individuals from a wide spectrum of socio-economic backgrounds develop a personal sense of style, while also fostering responsible consumerism. cuniform’s ethical mission and sliding scale services set it apart from every other styling agency in Seattle and beyond. While people tend to think of styling as a service available exclusively to the wealthy, cuniform is dedicated to styling clients at places as diverse as the Goodwill, Green Eileen, and Totokaelo— where reuse, long-term investing, and more sustainable practices are as crucial to the shopping discourse as beauty.

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“It’s really simple—everyone wears clothes,” Tran says. “But what if more people had access to help being expressive with their choices? Not only that, but what if they supported slow fashion and more responsible consumerism along the way?”

cuniform also makes house calls. Their service usually begins with a Wardrobe Audit, a five-plus hour process of weeding out overgrown closets, after which extraneous clothing is filtered through their clothing recycle program consisting of a variety of resell, consignment and non-profit parters, leaving no article of clothing untouched and putting money back into the wallets of their clients (aka, the service ends up paying for itself!). For Winger and Tran, who both loathe the idea of wearable clothing collecting dust, finding a way to engage clients in a continual cycle of reuse is paramount. 
cuniform’s Wardrobe Audit also includes the development of a “recipe box,” images of individually styled looks for easy reference, and a personalized shopping list from cuniform supported retailers meant to fill wardrobe gaps.

While affordable styling and ethical shopping are crucial to their business model, Tran and Winger are clear that cuniform’s main goal is to help clients express themselves through the visual language of clothing, whether it’s about feeling sexier, more confident, or more authentic. This is reflected in their namesake—a play on the words “uniform” and “cuneiform,” one of the earliest systems of writing. 

“Utilizing clothing as a medium to express core values is often overlooked as a crucial form of communication,” Winger says. “cuniform wants to change the conversation.”



c u n i f o r m's mission is to help those who seek self-expression through clothing. We bridge the gap between style and personal identity to promote:

Self - aspiration / inspiration
Core values

Using a sliding scale payment system, we work directly with our clients to provide services that align with their budget to achieve a functional, beautiful, and socially responsible wardrobe.   In accordance to our ethos, we also partner with local non-profits who disperse all optionally donated clothing to those in need. 



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As a ten year fashion industry veteran, Colton has an accomplished history in buying, retail management, styling, and brand strategy for leading luxury retailers in San Francisco, Los Angeles and NYC including Nordstrom and Totokaelo. 


Her eye was honed while acquiring a Masters Degree in Fine Art Photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her experience includes the following roles: educator, editorial stylist, buying assistant, store director and most significantly, personal stylist. Christine's expertise was established during her five years at cult luxury retailer, Totokaelo.   



"It's been a pleasure working directly with both Christine and Colton. Their ability to understand and connect product with the consumer is seamless, tangible and inspiring. Since my encounter with this creative duo, I've worked with no one else. ” 

- Rob Blair, Sr DIRECTOR | NIKE

There are very few stylists in the world who are as gifted as Christine and Colton that are accessible - I think this is their magic. The level of self-awareness they bring to understanding clothes as art and their power to transform is unparalleled. For me, as a fashion industry insider, I need a break from the noise about who I am supposed to be. Colton and Christine do just that. They are a trusted confidant, a friend who sees me as I want to be seen and an inspiration when I feel paralyzed by all the trends and messages around me. 


"Colton and Christine have been instrumental in helping me cultivate a wardrobe that I love. They are true artists and brilliant at what they do. They seem to effortlessly build upon an individual’s style and elevate it to a new place. With such attention to detail, quality, function, and of course aesthetic, they compose amazing outfits with timeless pieces that I will have forever. To feel such a sense of ease and happiness in your clothes is an amazing gift! I consider them dear friends and my #1 go-to’s for any element of styling and design."

- Elise Willis, PHYSICIAN